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About Zed Heads
Be the first to clear your hand, but beware of the Zeds!

In this color match game, be the first to empty your hand of your Zeds. 

Use weapons to slow down your enemy and use your Zeds special abilities to help you empty your hand the fastest.

If you're familiar with Uno, crazy eights or Mau Mau you'll have no issues picking up Zed Heads and easily learning the rules.

So strap yourself in, arm yourself to the teeth and take a swing at Zed Heads.

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Recent Changes Made (5/27/2015):
  •  No More Borders: borders were removed to compensate for bad drift.
  •  Ability Box: The ability box was changed to remove the texture and add a cool zombie effect more in line with the design.
  •  Better Font: Names were upgraded to the Zed Head font. 
  •  Larger Type: The text was enlarged for easier reading.
  •  Ned: Ned's negative abilities no longer affects the player that plays it.
  •  Zohar: ability was clarified
  •  Card Back: No longer does the back have a boring Z, Zazu takes his rightful place as heir apparent.
  •  Added a Clockwise/Counter Clockwise text on the instruction card to help keep track of play direction.